Our sickest patients are frequently harmed inside our health care systems.

This is not a problem that exists within only one country; nor is it unique to developed or developing nations. It is a global challenge. Delivering optimal health care at a cost-effective price without doing harm is a daunting task for any country, government or organization. Health care remains one of the most debated and contentious issues for individuals, the press and politicians alike. This is not only because of the complexity of health care systems and the human bodies they interact with, but also because we are dealing with human lives.

Complexity is the name of the game.

Within these complex, massive health care systems, which care for individuals from their conception to their demise, there can be systemic challenges that result in patients feeling uncertain, powerless and even afraid. Lack of resources, gaps in communication and delays in treatment are hallmarks of these overburdened and fractured systems.

This is where mistakes can happen. We are only human, after all.

When people present with complex medical cases in health care systems—conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes—this can present a challenging dynamic. Complex medical cases have multiple specialists such as Nephrology & Hypertension Medical Associates, multiple visits and therefore multiple opportunities for deadly mistakes.

I know all about the relationship between being a complex medical case and the opportunity for mistakes.

I nearly died from mistakes.

I’m HERE to let you know that you can catch preventable mistakes. In fact, you might save a life—your own, or the life of someone you love.

The opportunity exists to be proactive, take responsibility and put your health in your own hands. To collaborate, communicate and connect with your health care team. It takes a T.E.A.M Approach, one that includes support groups, doctors and family – because without them all – we are not as strong.

 My #TEDx talk “How to Save your Life in a Complex Health Care System is now #online.

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