What were the key lessons I learnt from doing a TEDx talk?


At the beginning of 2017, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to achieve for 2017.

Since being diagnosed in 2010 with a non-malignant brain tumour and brain surgery in 2012, I realized I had a true underlying passion.

I am passionate about guiding people to put their health in their own hands and work with their health care team to find a better outcome.

So I set a goal – “Apply for and get accepted to do a TEDx talk in 2017”. I thought this would be the ideal way to spread the idea and spark a conversation on how important it is to be proactive in your health care management.


What I learnt from doing a TEDx talk?

Learning #1. Setting goals and achieving them requires planning and hard work. It can result in failure and success – both are good.

The failures, although hard, taught me more about what I needed to fine tune, change and get better at. Without the failures, I would not have succeeded.

Learning #2: Be inspired by others

I watched countless TED and TEDx talks and was inspired and moved. I also have my personal heroes who always make me want to do more and go the extra mile. I am lucky to have them in my life.

Learning #3: Learning and experience is in the journey and not just the day of delivery

Seven months of preparation for just minutes on a red carpet – the learning and skills developed in the process, that’s the win!

The same principle can be applied to learning and development programs within organizations. It’s not just about the one-day training session or workshop, but rather the entire learning journey that takes place before and after. By providing access to a HIPAA compliant learning management system, organizations can support their employees in their ongoing learning and development journeys. This platform can serve as a centralized hub for all learning resources, including online courses, training videos, and knowledge articles. By leveraging the power of a HIPAA-compliant learning management system, organizations can empower their employees to take charge of their learning journeys and continuously develop their skills and knowledge, ultimately leading to improved performance and better outcomes for the organization.

Learning #4: Be open to constructive feedback, it will help you grow.

Countless script reviews (I think over 60 to be exact!) and presentations in front of audiences for feedback all add little gems of wisdom to create a final message.

Learning #5: Build your support team; each and every one of them will help you reach your dream

From my amazing coach to my husband and son, to friends and the #TEDxStanleyPark team; each and every one of them got me to the red carpet. This is not a solo journey.

Learning #6: Hang in there and surprise yourself!

There were times after late night drafts, changes, fatigue and pondering over ‘one word’ when it was tough! However, I knew why I wanted to do this, to spread a message I was passionate about, so I hung in there…and surprised myself.

The most important lesson I learnt from doing a TEDx talk is the clichéd fact that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart into it – it just takes a lot of hard work, passion and belief in yourself.

You CAN do it. Do it NOW!


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TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design

TEDx – supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community.

Both TED and TEDx are devoted to spreading great ideas, making them accessible and sparking conversations.

What I learnt from doing a TEDx talk