ACTIVATE – How to Save your Life in a Complex Health Care System

ACTIVATE – How to Save your Life in a Complex Health Care System opens up the conversation on the challenges faced within health care systems and how patients need to be more proactive participants in their health care management.

Claire Snyman speaks from her own personal experience as a brain tumor survivor having navigated the complex waters of the health care system. ACTIVATE looks at how health care systems can be complex and overburdened and how simple actions by patients and care partners, can literally save a life.

ACTIVATE is a quick reference guide for both patients, care partners and health care professionals looking for guidance and solutions on how to put one’s health in one’s own hands and collaborate with health care teams. A quick and compelling read interlaced with personal story and ideas – worth reading and sharing – this message might save a life.


Two Steps Forward – Embracing Life with a Brain Tumor

Friday morning, 14 May 2010, Claire Snyman opens her eyes to find the room spinning around her, the light fixture dancing above. Then she develops her first migraine ever. What is this all about? She must be overdoing it at work. But it’s not too much work: it’s a non-malignant brain tumor. The diagnosis completely blindsides 34-year-old Claire and her family. Together they face the new reality of her condition while trying to navigate conflicting medical advice and cope with her new onset of symptoms.

In Two Steps Forward, Claire documents her personal awakening as she learns to be her body’s own advocate through the often-harrowing journey of life with a brain tumor, her misdiagnosis and the brain surgery and recovery that followed. This inspirational story of a woman, mother and wife is told with honesty, clarity and revelation. Two Steps Forward is a compelling book for readers walking a similar path, but also for those facing a life-changing situation or for anyone looking for a positive and inspiring story.




I found this book to be very inspirational and a great read. As a brain tumor survivor, I was inspired by Ms. Snyman’s story and the work she is currently doing with her organization to help others as they go through a brain tumor diagnosis. I would highly recommend this book as you will find it moving and a very good read. Ms. Snyman is a wonderful person and she is to be commended for sharing her story of survival with the readers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

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Excellent resource!

I am very grateful for Claire Snyman’s account of her experience surviving a brain tumor and surgery. As a survivor of brain surgery and radiation myself, I have been frustrated and confused by the lack of helpful information about what might be happening to me, and how I can best support my recovery. Claire’s honest and heartfelt sharing of her journey has been extremely helpful and validating of my experience. The book has been important in helping me feel less alone and confused in navigating this challenging terrain. Her writing is very accessible and she skillfully weaves together her personal experience with more technical information.

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Haunting, Realistic, Happy, Hopeful, Heartwrenching – A Must Read for Patients and Their Family Members

Fascinating, anguishing, haunting, yet happy. Claire tells all in a viscerally real manner. By the end I felt as though I’d lived the journey right along with her, her husband Marchand, “Little Man” Aiden her son, Claire’s parents and doggie Bolt to boot! Claire is a gifted writer who provides the reader with the truth yet hope and provided me hope and encouragement for my own journey with the same diagnosis. Claire included a quote, previously unknown to me, from Lena Horne in the book. It has become my mantra for this journey and others in my life in general:

“It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it!” — Lena Horne.

Many, many thanks Claire for telling the story truthfully yet always managing to leave the reader with that glimmer of hope and improvement. Can’t wait to see where your gift of writing takes you next. My very best to you, Marchand, Aiden, and Bolt! Wishing you peace and prosperity in the remainder of your life. Make every day count! I am sure you already do! 🙂

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Where was Claire in 2003!

A fabulous journal of the day to day life of a person living with a colloid cyst, the recovery and life beyond. If only there were more stories like this around when I was diagnosed in 2003. This is a must read for anyone trying to understand the life of a brain tumour patient.

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