Two Steps Forward offers a variety of resources to help people connect, communicate and collaborate during the patient journey. If you are a patient, a caregiver, a health care professional or someone interested in putting your health in your own hands, we hope we can help.

Putting our Health in our Hands

A health diagnosis can leave anyone feeling shattered, powerless and unsure of where to turn. How do you ride the wave of uncertainty, how can you turn the tide and learn to navigate the health care system, feel less uncertain and more in charge?

We have put together a few simple tools to help patients and caregivers feel more empowered and certain during this time.

Brain Tumour Support

Hearing the words “you have a brain tumour” are enough to make the world stop for a moment in time. The patient journey starts here and continues with navigation through often-uncharted waters of the healthcare system.

Being able to find information and support to help on this journey can make all the difference. We have a few options that we hope may help you out.