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Below is a list of all my upcoming or previous speaking events.

Conferences and Events 2024

April 2024

International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare (London)

  • Lived experience co-production workshop (participant/presenter)
  • What Matters To You (WMTY): Creating change within our healthcare system one conversation at a time (presenter)

Conferences and Events 2023

November 2023

Amplifying the Voices of those with Lived Experience: The Key to Transforming HealthCare

Presentation of the importance and value of the voices of people with lived experience, how best to engage them and how to drive impact for both the organization and the people giving input.

November 2023

Globe & Mail: Public – Private Health Care: Can we find the right balance? Spotlight on: The rise of direct to patient private care

Patient perspective

October 2023

BC Medical Quality Initiative (BC MQI)

Panelist: A panel of perspectives on the challenges and value of gaining/giving feedback toward practitioner improvement—using the MCC360 and otherwise.

October 2023

CAR (Canadian Association of Radiologists) Board presentation – patient perspective

Presentation to the board describing my patient story accessing imaging across my patient journey, its importance, impact and timely access to imaging.

September 2023

BCIT – Digital Health Advanced Certificate – Patient Perspective

Presentation to students demonstrating the importance and value of patient, family, and caregiver voices in digital health projects

June 2023

Quality Forum 2023

Poster presentation: Co-creating Resources to Support Mental Health Challenges in individuals affected by Brain Tumours

June 2023

Canadian College of Health Leaders Conference

Panelist: What got us here won’t get us there. Getting unstuck: The leaders’ guide to leaning into the future of healthcare

May 2023

Vancouver Coastal Health Medical Staff Forum


February 2023

Healthcare Excellence Canada: Understanding Trauma-Informed Practice and Engagement



February 2023

Providence Health

Speaker: My patient journey with Endometriosis


Conferences and Events 2022

December 2022

Canadian Medical Association (CMA): Bold Choices in Health Care, a panel discussing the issue at the heart of the an effective and effective health care system: How we deliver care to our patients



November 2022

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Twitters Spaces: Patients Before Politics



October 2022

Health eMatters Conference 2022

Presenter: You are our own brand

June 2022

Quality Forum 2022

Presenter: Supporting mental health challenges in individuals affected by brain tumours

May 2022

Technologies in Emergency Care (TEC Vancouver 2022)

Presenter & Panelist: Patient and Community Experience: Impact of Health Innovations

Feb 2022

University of Ottawa: Medical School Students

Speaker: Resiliency in Patients

Feb 2022

Providence Health

Speaker: My patient journey with Endometriosis

Conferences and Events 2020/2021

Oct 2021

Who Knows? Essential Care Partners do (Healthcare Excellence Canada)


May 2021

Technologies in Emergency Care (TEC Vancouver 2021)

Panelist: Department-level COVID-19 Innovations

April 2021

Globe & Mail: Virtual Health Care for the Long Term (Moderator André Picard)

Panelist: : Virtual Health Care: Where do we go from here?

March 2021

Canadian College of Health Leaders (Hamilton)

Presenter & Panelist: Evolving post pandemic virtual care to meet patient and system needs

Feb 2021

Quality Forum 2021

Co-presenter: Re-Integration of Family Caregivers as #EssentialCarePartners During the Pandemic & Beyond

Jan 2021

University of Ottawa: Medical School Students

Speaker: Resiliency in Patients

Dec 2020

SPORcast: Podcast

Participant: The Patient Story Experience: Cost or Benefit?

Dec 2020

Providence Health

Speaker: My patient journey with Endometriosis

May 2020

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI): Virtual

Co-Host: Maintaining & Strengthening Patient/Family/Caregiver Partnerships

February 2020

Canadian Critical Care Conference: Whistler, Canada

Co-Presenter: Experience Across the Continuum

February 2020

Quality Forum 2020: Vancouver, Canada

Co-Presenter: Debate: “be it resolved that… people should have full and real-time access to their electronic medical record.”

Conferences and Events 2019/2018

October 2019

Canadian Conference for Physician Health (CCPH): St Johns, Canada

Co-Presenter: The Other Side of the Gurney: Patient perspectives on physician wellness

September 2019

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) Leaders Conference: Vancouver, Canada

Presenter: The patient’s perspective on the “Joy at work” in health care

September 2019

Surgical Patient Optimization Collaborative (SPOC): Vancouver, Canada

Presenter: Patients as Partners in Surgical Optimization

Working Group Contributor:  SPOC Change Package (Patient Activation section)

August 2019

CMA Health Summit 2019: Toronto, Canada

Presenter: The T.E.A.M. Approach © for Empowering Patients, Grand Central – CMA Health Summit

May 2019

The Patient Experience Symposium: Harvard Medical School, Boston

Presenter: Activating Patients for Better Outcomes: Using a T.E.A.M Approach to Engage and Empower Patients and their Health Care Providers.

Patient Experience Symposium Agenda 2019

February 2019

Surgical Quality Action Network: Advancing the Surgical Quality Agenda in BC

Presenter: Patients as Partners in Pre-Optimization (Discover methods that help activate patients improve their own outcomes)

SQAN Day 2019

November 2018:



November 2018:

Fraser Health Patient Experience Conference 2018

Topic: How to advocate for Oneself in Our Healthcare system

October 2018:

2018 Brain Tumour National Conference

Topic: Your Health Is in Your Hands (Watch here)

BTFC Interview: Watch here

October 2018: BC Patient Safety & Quality Council  Topic: Exploring Patient Activation, Engagement and Experience

September 2018: Health 2.0 12th Annual Fall Conference, California Topic: Innovations transforming the Patient Care (panelist)

September 2018:

North Shore Seniors Health Expo 2018

Topic: How to Advocate for Oneself in Our Healthcare System

August 2018:

CMA Health Summit 2018

Attending as Patient sponsored delegate 

May 2018: Women’s Preventative Health Conference 2018 Topic: How to advocate for Oneself in Our Healthcare system

May 2018: Telus Agency Summit 2018 Topic: Put Your Health in Your Own Hands

March 2018:  TEDxStanleyPark 2018 Topic: Put your health in your own hands (Watch here)

February 2018: Quality Forum 2018 Topic: Workshop participation: Activating patients to improve care

Previous Conferences and Events

October 2017:  Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada National Conference  Keynote Speaker, Topic: The Power of the Volunteer

June 2017:  Department of California Health Services Key speaker, Topic: Empowered patients

May 2017:  Vancouver Health Care Professional’s Symposium, Royal Columbian Hospital, Vancouver Topic: Personal Story

April 2017:  Medicine X – Stanford University, USA. Topic: Patient and health care professional collaborations – shaping the future Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBx-HMYV4Qw&list=PL5sJU6QTvAeG_JAmMBdOtyUj1Phu3hwtp&index=2

July 2016:  American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) National Patient & Family Conference Chicago 2016 Keynote Speaker, Topic: Stepping Forward: Embracing Life after a Brain Tumor Diagnosis