What matters to me?

I am a wife, a mother, daughter, sister and friend. I love being outside in nature. Walking, breathing in the fresh dew on the grass, and feeling the soft breeze on my face is what restores my soul.

If you asked me what mattered to me, or what was important to me in 2010, it would look very different to now, in 2022. The past decade has taught me to reassess what matters to me.

Family, being grateful for cherished moments, my memories and my health are what are most important to me, now in 2022.

My lived experience as a patient over the past decade has opened my eyes to realize the importance of listening to my instincts. Not only listening but being able to voice what these instincts are telling me about what matters to me.

Today, June 9, is International What Matters To You Day, which is about encouraging meaningful conversations between care providers and patients and families.

One simple question, what matters to you, can help build trust and grow human connections in care.

What is really important to me?

Clear and consistent communication about my health and health care and timely access to care. These needs have not changed for me over the past decade. They remain critical and important to me every time I step into the health care system. These are what matter to me.

what matters to me

As an individual who experienced medical negligence, these are important to me when I am receiving care. They make me feel safe and quell any anxiety.

Currently as a patient though, I feel like I’m skating on thin ice. My What Matters To Me are being severely challenged.

My healthcare team + system around me are struggling and the cracks, which were always there, are right in front of me – front + centre. 

At my GP, when I can’t get in when I need to, the foundational pillar of my chronic conditions.

At the Urgent Primacy Care Clinic, where I go, when I can’t see my GP, where the staff are maxed out (and understaffed).

Or in the ED, when my conditions need more urgent attention. There, the flux of patients, with no family doc, in an understaffed environment, burst out the door.

Or at my MRI, when the techs are down with no back up staff.

Even in this chaos, I have received kind & good care. Thank you for that.

But I fear not being able to access care in a timely manner. Uncertainty drives a hard bargain.

What matters to me: Clear and consistent communication about my health and health care and timely access to care.

and a healthcare team and system that are supported and cared for so they can care for me.

We need to collectively raise our voices to this issue, because if you aren’t a patient now, one day you or someone you love will be.

That matters to me.