“Thank you so much for sharing your powerful message. Claire is an Author, Speaker, Patient Advocate and the founder of Two Steps Forward. The TELUS team was very lucky to hear her story. From her own patient journey experience, Claire communicated what are some of the best ways to manage your health. Working with Claire, not only is she a pro and a veteran of the speaking business, her ideas and insight helped me understand what the missing gaps are in today’s health industry which is important for any working professional. Her story encouraged me to get a copy of her book, looking forward to the read. Thanks Claire for speaking at our conference.”
Peter Manianis, Vendor Manager Credit & Collections, TELUS Consumer

“I am the Producer of one of the world’s largest TED events – TEDxStanleyPark. In this capacity I worked intensely with Claire Snyman and her coach in the 6 months leading up to the TEDxStanleyPark 2018 event. Claire was a skilled communicator, unflappable under highly stressful conditions and inspired others with her ‘can do’ attitude. Her positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made her a great mentee. She was much loved and highly respected by all the TEDxStanleyPark 2018 speakers and team. Her coaches and trainers went the extra mile for her because she went the extra mile to craft and deliver a world class talk. Claire was a powerful force in making TEDxStanleyPark 2018 the wild success that it transpired to be.”
Roger Killen, Producer, TEDx StanleyPark

“I have had the opportunity to hear Claire Snyman speak at various conferences and she is not only delightful but has the ability to engage her audience and keeps them interested right through her presentations. As someone who manages many events, Claire is absolutely someone you want on your roster of speakers!”
Janic Gorayeb, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada                                                                         (Founder, Ripple Effect Leadership Consulting & Event rippleeffect.ws)

Claire’s book, Two Steps Forward, is a testament to what the human spirit can do. She recollects her experiences with a passion and elegance, but at the same time with the strength that characterized her journey from diagnosis, to neurological compromise, to treatment, and towards recovery. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, MD, FAANS, FACS

“Inspiring Journey”

Thank you Claire for sharing your journey with us! I really enjoyed this read. Even though I am not facing the medical challenges that Claire had, I think we all face trials in many different avenues where we can apply Claire’s wisdom. I appreciated her candour and her positive attitude. The book reminds us that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we can keep taking those “2 Steps Forward”, slowing down and enjoying every moment.

“Excellent Resource”

I am very grateful for Claire Snyman’s account of her experience surviving a brain tumor and surgery. As a survivor of brain surgery and radiation myself, I have been frustrated and confused by the lack of helpful information about what might be happening to me, and how I can best support my recovery. Claire’s honest and heartfelt sharing of her journey has been extremely helpful and validating of my experience. The book has been important in helping me feel less alone and confused in navigating this challenging terrain. Her writing is very accessible and she skillfully weaves together her personal experience with more technical information.

“Honest and uplifting”

Claire Snyman’s book isn’t only for people looking for a real account on brain tumours but for each of us who need to be reminded of the importance of resilience and the power of positive thought and action. Well worth the read.

“It was like living my journey all over again”

As a fellow survivor of the same type of brain tumor, I can’t thank Claire enough for writing this book. Reading her story as she forged her way through obscure hard-to-explain symptoms, misdiagnosis, relief when she finally found someone with answers, surgery, more surgery, the effects on her family and herself, it was like living my own journey all over again. Her words evoked a whole host of emotions, but more than anything I found myself saying over and over “yes, that’s it exactly”! Claire also included key things she learned through her experience, not only for herself as the patient, but also for caregivers and family members. This is an interesting, well-written book I would recommend highly for anyone who enjoys reading. If you or someone you know have experience with a life-threatening illness or condition, particularly any type of brain tumor, it should be on your “must read” list! I can’t thank Claire enough for sharing her story – I wish it had been available 20 years ago!

“Testament to the human need to help others”

Claire Snyman’s book is a testament to the human need to help others whose affliction, whatever that might be, can be cathartic when shared with others. Claire shares her darkest moments as well as her  “two steps forward” about her experience with a “colloid” brain tumour that initially was misdiagnosed. With the loving support of her husband, family and close friends, she was able to find the strength she needed to research, and tirelessly question her doctors, in order to pursue the care she knew she needed. Her book shows just how much patients need to become involved “as their own advocate” in the diagnostic process and not take glib or unhelpful clichés that can come your way when trying to get the care you need.  For me, her book underscores the need to overhaul the Consent To Treatment process and devise a document that is actually worthy of a signature! The current documents patients are asked to sign are based more on trust and assumptions than the facts patients need about the care they should receive. Patients need consent to treatment documents that outline the protocols the doctors and nurses are expected to use and have a copy so patients can gauge whether they are following protocol.

Well done, Claire.

Elizabeth Rankin, BScN