This emoji is my favorite! It’s the low battery emoji. Why, because it describes, in one simple image, what living life with a brain injury can sometimes feel like for me ☺️

I have had a brain injury for over twelve years. I was diagnosed in 2010 with a non-malignant brain tumour. Two years later, my brain tumour doubled in size causing my brain to swell, a condition called hydrocephalus. I had brain surgery to remove my brain tumour.

My brain injury means I have short-term, long-term memory issues and cognitive processing challenges. To most people, they wouldn’t even know I have these issues. It’s a “behind the scenes” kinda thing!

That’s because it’s an invisible disability.

Until, the low battery emoji appears.

Every day, every hour, I take extra steps to remember and process things. This drains my battery quicker than before. When that low battery emoji appears, I have to pay attention. Immediately. Otherwise, I cognitively and physically pass the point of no return. A safe space to recover is my only option.

This is not because I’m “getting old, menopause or too much work.” It’s been this way since I was 33.

My family and friends know. I operate on “battery preservation mode”. I am the first to leave a party or dinner (by 9pm), sleep is my Holy Grail and what might seem like A type personality characteristics are actually tactics to keep my life in balance.

Yet, my brain is amazing – in fact, I think it’s a rock star! I am able to work part-time, advocate in healthcare, meet inspiring people, be a wife and mom and be with my family and friends.

My brain, my low battery emoji and I will always be close friends. But that’s ok,  we understand each other. There are no secrets between us. That’s life and for that, I am grateful ❤️

Do you have an emoji that resonates with you?