Why I Wrote a book on a Brain Tumor

Colored pebbles, sand under my feet, blue sky, breeze on my face, laughter, love and a deep sense of gratitude that I can feel to the very core of my being – These are the images and feelings that come to mind for me as I near the launch of my book on a brain tumor.

https://fayberrystory.com/cpzhi3hclf Welcome to https://geekntech.com/guidetips/3xkc8ccvrmf Two Steps Forward – Embracing life with a brain tumor.

It was in 2010 after a vertigo attack and onset of my first migraine that I heard the words in the ER that made me catch my breath – “You have a brain tumor. The neurosurgeon will come in shortly to explain to you what the management will be.” I soon became part of the ‘watch and wait’ group of brain tumor patients around the world who are monitored with yearly MRI scans as part of their medical management.

book on a brain tumor

https://www.lifechucks.com/featured-articles/c8mxvf7ia6 In 2012, my benign brain tumor decided to have a mind of its own and grew too big for its place of residence. My brain started to swell and it was time to remove the tumor in order for life to continue – brain surgery was the only way out.

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https://lindawarrenprojects.com/hh1q27qgc7 The fatigue, emotional turmoil and physical aftermath that greeted my body after my brain surgery were completely unexpected and a hard process for me to recover from.

All about a book on a brain tumor and how Two Steps Forward began.

https://alohalibrary.org/news/qeo2x7wqg As I tried to make sense of the new reality I had entered into, I started to write a journal. This was an incredibly therapeutic process for me. My psychologist, whom I had started to see for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after my surgery, suggested that I consider turning my thoughts into a book one day – that it may help other individuals who had travelled a similar path to mine. And so, I hope that through my words and the Two Steps Forward project, I may be able to open the door on life with a brain tumor and life after brain surgery: the frustrations, challenges and successes. At the same time, these words may also resonate with someone facing a life-changing situation looking for a positive and inspiring story in the face of personal challenge or just anyone looking for a good read!

https://www.tenece.com/2023/04/06/bwklh3r0s As I slowly recovered, I came to realize that it is the small things in life that are just as important to embrace, be grateful for and believe in. That the words..Live..Love..Laugh..are so very true. This is the greatest lesson I have taken away from this adventure and will never be forgotten. I am truly grateful for this.

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https://zzkustom.com/r0qwzbm The intention of https://zzkustom.com/zmxugoz1x2e Two Steps Forward, both my book and the website, is to connect with people, provide resources and inspire gratitude. Whether it is with individuals with brain tumors or with people wanting to learn more about gratitude and mindfulness. This is my way of giving back and being grateful for where I am today both physically and mentally.

book on a brain tumor

https://placestaffing.com/ihofqhnit Please feel free to spread the word, read more on my website (www.twosteps.ca), sign up for my newsletter (where you can get the first chapter of my book free), or learn more about my story in my book, which will be released https://www.speedmasti.com/india-car-news/0rpansz0l 10th September 2015.

Buy Ambien Online Australia I have personally decided to make a donation from the proceeds of each book sold to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and to Dr. Alfredo Quinones and his team in the Brain Tumor Stem Cell Research Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA – to help raise funds for brain tumor and brain cancer research.

(The donations referred to from the proceeds of book sales are based off the author’s personal decision and no official contracts exist between the foundations referred to and the author.)

book on a brain tumor

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