The Power of Community is bigger than we ever dare dream

By definition a community is “a unified body of individuals.

For me, the power of community brings images to mind of family, friends and people I don’t even know but who care enough to say hi when out walking. It’s the strangers who smile at each other on our local beach as we all appreciate the beauty of our local neighbourhood. But it goes even deeper than the greetings and acknowledgments.

It becomes the actions – the things we do for family and friends but also for strangers we have never met before.

The past month has touched me deeply on a personal level. The power of community has been showcased right in front of me.


In a world where the media headlines can make for a dark and gloomy prognosis for society, I have thrived on seeing and feeling the human compassion that truly does exist in each and every one of us.

It started with words from a friend with brain cancer whose neighbours and friends rallied around his family with meals and support while he was undergoing treatment at the same time as his wife had an accident. People stepped up, without being asked. They just did it. Human instinct. Compassion.

Followed on by my beloved sister-in-law, who after being diagnosed with breast cancer, became supported by a tremendous network of family and friends. A network that I would gladly adopt! Their fierce compassion, loyalty, meal train and play date organization and sense of humor are keeping this fight strong. This post is written for her – my superwoman.

And back home in South Africa where raging wild fires in the Eastern and Western Cape left people homeless and homes in ashes, a community facing adversity stood up for each other and stood together. Stories of donations, places to sleep, clothes, tins of food and relentless volunteer hours were heartwarming. The power of community was in full force.

That power of community flame; the ‘unified body of individuals’ can be its own army, one with a peaceful mission, ready to support and follow those in need. They say “it takes a village” and this could be not more true – because together we are stronger.

These stories have humbled me, the people involved inspired me and the ability of us all to face adversity with compassion astounded me.


I believe that the more each of us step up in genuine and random acts of kindness, the more we can contribute towards shaping the community and society we live in.

The power of community is bigger than we ever dare dream.

So, I have added the following to my summer list:  Open my eyes and heart for ways to step up in my community in a genuine act of kindness, no matter how small, because every act counts! As a mom, I hope by doing this, I can show my son what the real power of community means.

Would love to hear more inspiring stories – let’s make our communities strong!


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the power of community