How to find support after your Brain Tumor Diagnosis

For whatever reason, a headache, seizure, balance issues or even a non-related incident; a car crash, which warranted a CT scan, have all led to this moment in time – A brain tumor diagnosis.

Time seems to stop.. for a moment… as the reality sinks in.


For each of us, our reaction to the words “You have a brain tumor” can be vastly different, just like our brains that are so very different to each other. Often, though, the quest for information, support and connection can be the same.

Here are a few resources I used after my brain tumor diagnosis that I am passing onto you.

As I often say, “The great thing about the Internet is the accessibility to data and information. The not-so-great thing about the Internet is the accessibility to data and information.” There is so much out there that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Note: If you find any other resources you think would be of use to add, please let me know.

Here is a video I made for you to share these things in person.

The most important things that I found after my own brain tumor diagnosis were to:

– Surround yourself with a supportive medical team and feel confident in their medical opinion

– Lean into your family and friends

– Reach out and connect with others walking the same path as yourself

– Learn to become your body’s own advocatebrain-tumor-diagnosis-3Resources

– About Brain Tumors (Johns Hopkins)

– First Steps after a Brain Tumor Diagnosis (American Brain Tumor Association)

– About Brain Tumors (Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada)

– Brain Tumor Information (National Brain Tumor Society)

– Understanding Brain Tumours

I hope this information will help you in your time of need or maybe can be of use to pass onto someone else you know.

Strength in your journey my friend






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