General information and starter videos

Vagus nerve: location, branches, and function ) - Neuroanatomy | Kenhub

Vagus Nerve Therapies | talk by Stephen Porges, PhD

Polyvagal Institute: Podcasts and Videos

Book preview: Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve

3 Versions of the "Basic Exercise” by Stanley Rosenberg

Yoopod version of The Basic Exercise (Yoga and Pilates channel)

Movement and Resilience's version of The Basic Exercise (A stress-proofing channel)

Imagine Rest's version of The Basic Exercise (a sleep, movement and breath work channel)

Vagus Nerve toning through massage, music, and meditation:

Vagus Nerve Massage For Stress And Anxiety Relief by Sukie Baxter and her Whole Body Revolution

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Music Meditation 432Hz Binaural Beats by Narayanjot Records Meditation, Relaxing, Sleeping Music

Beginner Vagal Nerve Healing Meditation by Annie Rosenberg

Hum to Activate the Vagus Nerve by Tune Up Fitness

How to Do a Vagus Nerve Massage by a holistic psychologist who demos an ear massage that can possibly stimulate a sigh or yawn, to release a "fight or flight" response.

5 Calming Exercises to stimulate your Vagus Nerve by Carol's Light, a non-profit that engages in a mindfulness community.

Felt Sense Meditations by Dr. Kathy McGuire - A collection of meditations which were developed to create awareness of the internal body. Felt Sense was originally developed for use in psychotherapy but can be used at home for the personal awareness of "how am I now” during periods of apparent disconnection.