Somatic Movement

Book: The Mind-Body Stress Reset

What Is SomaSensing

Somatic Full Practice #14: Total Body Stretch - Johns Hopkins University

Sensory Awareness Foundation

Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais - The Feldenkrais method is a form of guided bodywork that makes no grand claims to anything but stress reduction. The exercises are called ‘Awareness Through Movement’ or ATMs.

It seems to be effective in particular for neurological issues by working carefully with left-right/brain body cross-communication. The slow pace of the lessons and the rest times during practice allows the brain plenty of time to absorb the lessons from the body. There’s an emphasis on gentle eye and head movement to heighten awareness.

Audio/video samples of the work:

Feldenkrais Access Network

Feldenkrais: Improving Your Neck

Beginner’s Guide to Feldenkrais Method® Lessons

Sample audio and video lessons

The Feldenkrais Project - 50 Free Lessons, donor- supported

Talk + Practice: Reducing Noise in the Brain Using Feldenkrais

Future Life Now -- A mix of short talks on the method and some longer sample classes

Awareness Through Movement by Moshe Feldenkrais: Lesson 10 Movement of the Eyes Organizes the Body

One of the clearest online Feldenkrais teachers, Lavinia Plonka speaks clearly and offers explanations of the neurological changes the class may be experiencing. At about the 40-minute mark in this Q+A, Plonka offers a guided, seated exercise

Masterclass on Balance, 20-minutes

Putting Your Head in Place

The Expressive Body: Eyes

Tongue Touching Teeth: A mini-Feldenkrais lesson to calm your nervous system w/ Tiffany Sankary - A lovely little video practice that can be done seated and requires little effort.

Movement and Creativity - A wide assortment of practices

Part 1: Pelvic Tilt and Pelvic Clock | Marin Movement Centre - Healthy Back Series

Part 2: Healthy Spinal Twist | Marin Movement Centre - Healthy Back Series

Part 3: Healthy Spinal Twist | Marin Movement Centre - Healthy Back Series

Part 4 - Opening Hip and Releasing Back Tension | Marin Movement Centre - Healthy Back Series

Cruise Over Your Feet - Feldenkrais with Paul Pui Wo Lee