Taking a moment to love our brains

Inspired by other brain tumor survivors, families, caregivers, health care professionals and more Рthis was created for an art show for those affected by brain tumors. I wrote a poem and took some of my favourite photos I had taken out and about. This is called: In My Brain (for download).

In My Brain – Claire Snyman









Finding balance in life

Work, play, children, husband, wife, partner, parents, exercise, house, groceries, car, birthdays, sports, garden, holidays. Finding balance. Does that word even come into our list of never ending things to do in our fast-paced environment of 2017?

I know I personally find it hard to find balance in my life.

Here is a short handout I recently wrote on the topic along with your own Balance Wheel you can work on to help you achieve balance in your own life.

Finding Balance in your life










Stepping Forward to Healing & Support

Sometimes life throws us lemons in whatever form that may be….I developed this handout to help me focus on a few areas that could help me in Stepping Forward to healing and support. It can be used after any event that takes life off the track it was supposed to be going.










Hoping these NEW resources help you out in some small way,


with gratitude




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