The 365 grateful project is about finding happiness through reflection and gratitude in our everyday life. After my surgery, I did feel grateful and blessed. However, this project allowed me to capture this in a more artistic form. I started my own 365project on 1 January 2014 when I was battling with my balance and anticipating a second brain surgery.

Through finding something each day to be grateful for, from the frost on the leaves outside, to the swirls of color in the paint that my son was painting with, I started to feel a greater sense of abundance and gratitude.

Over the course of 2014, I took 270 photos, each one a fixed memory in my mind and heart of something small that I was grateful for. I found the impact of this project affected me greatly and so I have continued it for 2015. It often reminds me to slow down and look around. Even if the day has been tough, there is always something, even just one thing, to be grateful for.

It is often after we are challenged with an event, that we are reminded on a very granular level, for what we are grateful for (see a poem I wrote)