Recovery after brain surgery for me was quite different to what I had imagined.  Although to be honest, I am not quite sure I had ever really imagined it!

Just like we are all unique individuals with different personalities, laughs, sense of humors and eyes – we all have different brains too. I think this is why it is really hard for us, let alone our medical team, to put a finite date on our recovery from brain surgery. It is not like a broken leg that should be healed in approximately x amount of time.

The brain heals in its own time.

This was my biggest lesson in my recovery, as a patient.

Make time your friend and not your enemy.

You cannot force your brain to heal quicker – it will come.. in its own time.

Take small steps, each day…and you will move forwards, even with the steps backwards.

Here are a few resources from me to you about being a patient after brain surgery – hope they are of use!

with gratitude



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