“The act or process of supporting a cause or proposal : the act or process of advocating something.”

Learning to be my body’s own advocate has not been easy. By nature, I am supportive and a cross between introvert/extrovert yet strong-willed. However, assertiveness on a continued basis can be tiring, especially when you are constantly swimming against the tide.

But knowing that the choices we made along the way, the way we advocated for my health, have resulted in my outcomes today, make it worth the effort. So, my words to you are: Never give up, keep on asking questions till you feel comfortable, stand up for yourself and your body. Actions speak louder than words. Life is too short.

This can be true in many parts of our lives – not only our health.

Here are a few links to start off, I intend to grow this list!

(please send me any resources you may have).

For Brain Tumor Patients in Canada

For Brain Tumor Patients in the US