Speaking 2017/2018

          – Topic: Patient and health care professional collaborations – shaping the future

  • May 2017: Vancouver Health Care Professional’s Symposium, Royal Columbian Hospital, Vancouver

          – Topic: Personal Story

          – Key speaker, Topic: Empowered patients

          – Keynote Speaker, Topic: The Power of the Volunteer

         –  Topic: Put your health in your own hands

Speaking 2016

          – Keynote Speaker, Topic: Stepping Forward: Embracing Life after a Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Two Steps Forward is all about connecting with people.

Here are some of the topics I am happy to talk about or write on from a personal perspective:

How to become your body’s own advocate: In so many aspects of our lives, standing up for ourselves in a confident and measured manner is invaluable. What steps can you take to do this?

– Patient and health care professional collaborations – shaping the future: How to partner with your health care team for your benefit as well as the benefits of others. What steps can you follow?

Life as a brain tumor survivor: The day I was told: ‘you have a brain tumor’, my life changed forever. My journey as an individual with a brain tumor and now as a brain tumor survivor has been a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences.

– ‘Finding the new normal’ in life after major change: After my brain surgery, I struggled to find the ‘new normal’ in my life. This can happen to anyone after a major change takes place in their lives. For me, both the mental and physical acceptance of this ‘new normal’ were key.

How to deal with a serious illness diagnosis: Being diagnosed with a serious illness or condition can be life altering. What steps did I take to help work through my diagnosis?

Recovery from brain surgery and/or major surgery: The road to recovery after my brain surgery was very different to what I had expected. Drawing from a team of various health care professionals, family and friends as well as having to dive deep into myself; all helped me along this path.

Finding Inspirations: I have often looked for ways to find inspiration – to help push me along, especially over the past five years. What did I find was the most effective way of finding inspiration and inspiring oneself to move forward when you are challenged?

Mind games: Mental health is often a ‘whispered topic’ whilst being open about it can really be a more healthy approach all round. My post traumatic stress after my surgery lead me to a clinical psychologist who opened the door for me on the brain, the mind and its inner workings.

Breathing in the small things: How can we instill more gratitude into our daily lives when we are here for just a blink of an eye?

Making time our friend: Life is so rushed these days, how do we make time our friend and not our enemy? This can be even more critical and challenging if you suffer from a health condition