Brain Tumor diagnosis

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How to be your body’s own health Advocate

by clairesnyman

How to be your body’s own health Advocate. Over the past two decades, I have had my fair share of health challenges. But none were to surpass that of being diagnosed with a rare non-malignant brain tumor at the age of 34. The chaos that ensued within my mind after that diagnosis was challenging to […]

The uncertainty of a brain tumor diagnosis

by clairesnyman

The uncertainty and challenges of a brain tumor diagnosis. “You have a brain tumor”…I will never forget lying by myself in the ER awaiting my test results after a vertigo attack and onset of my first migraine ever and hearing these words. Brain tumor diagnosis. I could almost feel my heart stop, my breath slow, […]

Watchful waiting

by clairesnyman

Joining the Watchful waiting group It may still be early days after your diagnosis and you may feel confident in the way forward or still uncertain about what this all means – whatever you are feeling, this is all normal. By now, the term ‘watchful waiting’ or ‘wait and watch’ may have been mentioned to you […]

Getting a second opinion

by clairesnyman

Getting a second opinion after your brain tumor diagnosis The reality of your diagnosis is slowly sinking in. Your may have already been for your appointments with your specialists. You might even be thinking about getting a second opinion. Why would you think about getting a second opinion? – Maybe your brain tumor is rare […]

Brain Tumor Diagnosis

by clairesnyman

How to find support after your Brain Tumor Diagnosis For whatever reason, a headache, seizure, balance issues or even a non-related incident; a car crash, which warranted a CT scan, have all led to this moment in time – A brain tumor diagnosis. Time seems to stop.. for a moment… as the reality sinks in. […]